About us



If the world were a smaller place, helping people in need would be easy. Imagine it. A sick woman calls for the doctor, and moments later a knock comes at the door. A child’s stomach rumbles, and salvation answers with a bowl of hot soup and a glass of clean, clear water. The bearer is both a stranger and a friend. If the world were much, much smaller, no one would suffer, because all of us – the people in need and those with the power to help – would be neighbors.

Unfortunately, the world is a very big place. Those who cry out are not always heard, and even the most saintly and charitable among us cannot cross the oceans, scale the mountains and walk the long, dusty roads to intercede on behalf of the sick, the hungry and the poor.

That is where we come in. Our mission is to build bridges between people in need and those with the means to help, to connect open hearts to open palms. This is how we work to alleviate suffering, and it is how we can make our global community a better place for everyone.



Our efforts begin in Haiti, in the understaffed hospitals, overcrowded shelters and crumbling homes left in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck in 2010. Once the dust had settled, many Haitians found themselves homeless, widowed, orphaned or ill. The wealthy became poor, and those who had once been surrounded by loving families now found themselves alone.

Relief efforts continue to this day, and it is the generosity of ordinary people around the world that makes this work possible. Every bottle of clean water, every first-aid kit and every set of clean sheets makes a difference. At Open Hearts Open Palms, we provide these items along with other forms of relief to people in need. But it takes more than physical goods to make a difference.

In the coming months and years, we will help the people of the world by donating a resource that is every bit as important. That resource is time. With the help of medical professionals, educators, building contractors and others who volunteer their service, we will work to alleviate suffering, to restore what has been lost and to give people access to a better life.


We have high hopes for the people of the world and high expectations for the future of Open Hearts Open Palms. As our organization grows, our relief efforts will expand in scale and in scope. With the support of generous people just like you, Open Hearts Open Palms will one day be able to help the poor, the sick and the hungry in countries all over the world.

To join us in our continuing effort to alleviate suffering around the world, visit our Donations page.



Open Hearts Open Palms has been busy—see the following projects we have done:

  • Selling t-shirts to support Sandy’s victims
  • Sandy’s victims – House Restoration Program with Red Cross
  • Salvation Army – feeding the clothing outreach
  • Haiti Outreach House Program – providing food, clothing, education, medical and dental care, and child sponsorship.
  • Open Hearts Open Palms Organization has touched the heart of many kids and parents on Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2012 by providing food and clothing in the time of need.
  • Open Hearts Open Palms is helping to raise funds for Operation Blessing to help feed the poor internationally.
  • We are in contract negotiation to purchase land to plant and Harvest Nutritional food to supply for food bank. Please donate for this cause.
  • We are and affiliation with Feeding the Poor
  • We are affiliation with International Operation Blessing to raise funds to help the needy in countries such as Africa, Caribbean and South America.